Bitcoin Safety Tips!

If it sounds to good to be true, it probably should be avoided.

With the growing Bitcoin scam sites and personally being burned a few times myself, I have decided to put together a page dedicated to Bitcoin Awareness and Safety Tips.
To start off, below are a couple links to one of my favorite sites that I use as a reference to determine the legitamacy of these ever growing Bitcoin scams that are not only hurting us in the wallet, but also the Bitcoin community as a whole.
Please refer to this list and also refer to the Safety Tips to better educate yourself on potential scams and how to avoid them. Also remember that there are new sites every day and they may not have been added to the list yet so being able to spot these and use caution is very important.
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Safety Tips!

The following link provides an indepth look at some of the common scam operations and how to spot and avoid them. This includes Ponzi Scams, Cloud Mining Awareness, Gambling, and General Awareness. - Safety Tips

Known Scam Sites List!

The following link provides a LONG list of known Scam sites that shoud be avoided. This is a community driven list that contains 100's of sites that are sorted aplhabetically. Please refer here before you spend your hard earned money. This list only contains what is known and proven, not all sites will be listed and there are new sites poping up every day. - The Bad List